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Seafood Prcessing Equipment

Seafood Prcessing Equipment

Our company exports to Russia a wide range of fishery equipment that covers catching, culturing, processing, and distribution.

Presently, Russia harvests about 4 million tons annually with about 4,000 fishing vessels;
particularly, 200-mile exclusive zone of the Far East accounts for 2.8 million tons (70%).

Russia is a vast country, and fresh fish distribution is rather limited; most fishing vessels not only catch fish but also process it on board, even though only primarily, and frozen products have the dominant market share. Thus, in addition to standard marine equipment and fishing gear, the vessels have to be provided with on-board processing machinery, refrigeration units, etc.

With the recent growth of Russian seafood market, and especially with penetration of the Japanese food culture, demand for fish processing equipment has risen, and Russian processors show increasing interest in various equipment offered by Japanese makers.

Taiyo Seisakusho Co., Ltd.(
Tadashi Machinery Co., Ltd.(

Aiming at protection of aquatic resources and sustainable fisheries, we supply salmon hatcheries, aquafeed plants and many other equipment and materials.

We also export Japanese-style boats, FRP boats and other facilities for inshore fishing and surveying aquatic resources in home waters and rivers.

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.(

We do not only support commercial fishing but offer also inflatable (rubber) boats for leisure activities; these boats are highly praised by our Russian customers.

Achilles Corporation(

Apart from marine equipment, we also deal in construction machinery, large snowplows, home appliances and many other Japanese products; we are always looking for new products to promote.