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Aircraft Business

In 1973 Morikawa Shoji Kaisha, Ltd. became the general agent in Japan for Aviaexport, Soviet government corporation for export of aircraft, and imported to Japan Soviet helicopters – one Mi-8 and four Ka-26.

After that, we continued the supply of parts and tools for maintenance of the helicopters but the opportunity to import more helicopters did not present itself for a while. However, in October 2007 we imported another Russian helicopter – Ka-32A11BC by Kamov Co. with the distinctive coaxial rotor system that can lift and transport 5-ton cargoes.

Operation of this heavy-lift aircraft, first in Japan, was started by Akagi Helicopter Co., Ltd. in March 2008; since then the helicopter has been used for logging and other heavy-lift works. Now we provide the operator with full-fledged support including parts supply, airworthiness certification procedures, and scheduled maintenance.

Now we are promoting in Japan Russian helicopters other than Ka-32A11BC.

Akagi Helicopter Co., Ltd.(