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Marine Equipment

Marine Equipment

Since its founding more than 30 years ago, Morikawa Shoji Kaisha, Ltd. has exported to Russia high-end marine equipment by Furuno Electric Co., Ltd., mainly, radars and fish finders intended for safe operation and efficient fishery.

As a Russian agent for Furuno Electric Co., Ltd., we do not only sell the products to Russia but also provide repair services and parts supply as well as installation works both in Japan and abroad. In close cooperation with the maker – Furuno Electric Co., Ltd., we are doing our best to provide urgent repair and supply services in any port of Russia, Japan or elsewhere.

In addition, Morikawa Shoji Kaisha, Ltd. constantly improves its services by studying the needs of customers via its Russian representations and partner companies in Vladivostok, Moscow and other cities.

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Morikawa Shoji is also engaged in repair and modification of fishing vessls and other types of ships at Korean and Chinese shipyards, and particularly provides high-performance, high-output, fuel-efficient marine engines for replacement.

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